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MFR4physios by Peter Mitchell

This exciting course, now available in Australia, brings to you the fantastic world of Fascia. I designed this course after a colleague, who had attended another introductory course on myofascial release, asked me how to go about applying the techniques. He felt he was confident in performing the techniques learnt, but did not know where to apply them in different conditions.

Many courses only teach techniques and leave it up to you to learn how to apply them, however, this can be difficult. Direct Fascial Release courses not only show you the techniques, but how to apply them to common musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries in a clinical situation.

Fascia is possibly the most important tissue in the human body, however,it does get somewhat overlooked. Fascia is responsible for the majority of pain patterns, stiffness, and not to mention, muscle weakness. Yes! Muscle weakness is commonly caused by alterations in the structure of fascia.

If these muscles were treated like so many others, i.e. through exercises, the condition would only get worse, not better. It will also force the stress on other structures of the body, and thus increase the symptomatic map.

So, if you want to broaden your scope of practice and belong to the growing group of professionals using these techniques, then this is a great place to start, with the added bonus of clinical application.

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