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Course Objectives

Course objectives include:

Understanding what fascia is

Understanding the relationship between muscles and fascia

Learn fascial chains and links that cause common musculo-skeletal conditions

Learning fascial assessment techniques

Learning Direct Fascial Release techniques

Learning muscle testing techniques (Kinesiology)

You will also learn the following:

Why exercise can weaken muscles

Where pain really comes from

Why pain-site-oriented treatments are not completely successful

How neck pain can be treated from the ITB

Why you might have to treat the hip to relieve wrist pain

And for something a bit different...

Learn how to 'listen' to walking to assess hip imbalance

Learn how to assess the effectiveness of orthotics without expensive machinery, and why most of them land up in the bin! 

You will be able to return to your practice and apply these techniques immediately with instant success. As the majority of physical dysfunction is a result of fascial changes, you are guaranteed results in the majority of cases you treat.

So join the trend and improve your skills as well as your business.

Reading list:

The Endless Web by R Louis Schultz and Rosemary Feitis

Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers

Myofascial Massage by Marian Wolfe